A picture of the lady who is promoting her marketing websiteAbout Me: Young at heart but with wisdom that only comes from experience. After incorporating Market Smart in 2008 and working as their marketing director in the wellness industry, I decided to develop further academically. As a recent graduate who is grateful for skills which were refined in the Bachelor of Business Marketing at Queensland University of Technology.  Great relationships were built with mentors and students helping me progress particularly with problem solving, analytical thinking and research skills. These skills were utilized in academic projects showcased in a Portfolio assisting brands to develop consumer insights. Applying consumer insights throughout Integrated Marketing Communications can fulfill consumers needs in a meaningful way, by offering products and services that align with their values, which strengthens the brand personality and facilitates business growth. I look forward to continuing a vibrant and challenging career in Ecommerce marketing, and embracing whatever that brings. Call Karuna: 0449 736 819


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